Make way for Microblading

February 9th, 2023

What it is & why you should go for it!

For those who do not have those wonderfully full and fluffy brows, which still dominate in the beauty industry. Let’s face it; we can end up spending countless time, energy and money trying to re-create the much sought-after look at home, with sometimes less than desirable results. I for one grew up following the 90’s thin brow trend (gasp) it has become a long and frustrating journey, trying to fill in those gaps and grow better brows back into shape. Luckily, the brow market is a lot more versatile than it used to be in terms of products, and whilst micro pencils, pomades, and powders have their place, there is something missing trying to achieve the perfect brows at home. This is where having a professional eyebrow artist on hand comes into play. Asha has a wealth of experience in beauty and is the very person you need when discussing all things brows!

With so many brow treatments on the market nowadays; it can be overwhelming trying to find one which works for you. You may already have decided a brow tint isn’t enough for you to achieve the look you want, and if you want to transform your look, with long lasting results, then Microblading is the ultimate game changer! The word ‘Microblading’ itself may sound a little daunting and leave you wondering whether or not to take the plunge? This treatment is of course a commitment and a process but one which is worthwhile, especially if you long to see your eyebrows re-imagined.

We recommend when booking, opting for the ‘full brow experience’ at the studio (already included with Microblading) Asha provides a full consultation prior to starting treatment, to make sure you talk through your goals and any concerns you have. Asha is there to guide you through every step of your brow transformation journey, from preparation to maintenance and follow up. It’s all part of the process.  

Face Symmetry-Brow Mapping

An essential part of any brow treatment provided at the B&B Studio, and especially important when it comes to Microblading. Using advanced brow mapping techniques in line with your own face symmetry, this process will determine where each hair stroke/gap will be applied, making way for your transformed look. This technique is great for previewing your new look, think of it as a rehearsal for the final result! Have you ever tried your hand at brow mapping with a pencil of your own? It isn’t always easy trying to find where your brows should start, end & don’t forget where to place the arch!

Who it works for:

For those with sparse brows, and those who wish to create a whole new look. Microblading can be used to either enhance what you already have and create the illusion of full and defined brows. 
How does it work?  

Microblading works by creating realistic hair strokes, gaps or spaces in the brows, which are filled in using high quality pigment, this is placed in the dermal area of the skin.

The treatment takes 2-3 hours, with a top up appointment required after 8 weeks of the initial appointment, to achieve the best results.

A full detailed consultation & patch test is required prior to starting the treatment, and you should be aware, you will need some patience over these weeks, as you watch your new set of brows work their magic & achieve full potential!

Embrace your brow journey with B&B and trust the process!


Love Polly Xx

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