Let's Fill in the Gaps-Microblading

April 28th, 2023

Build Your Brows Treatment £160- The next brow treatment coming soon to The Brow and Beauty Studio!

This treatment works by incorporating two of Asha's most popular brow treatments, combining elements of Microblading & Lamination.

We all know the benefits of lamination, leaving you with fuller, fluffier brows.  When we then add Microblading into the mix, what do we achieve? A match made in heaven! You get all the volume & lift from the lamination, along with the structure & definition of Microblading.

Why choose this treatment rather than just Microblading?

This treatment is perfect for those who want the best of both worlds (Microblading & Lamination) 

You may already have reasonably defined brows, but are looking to add a few more hair strokes to sparse areas within the brows where you already have gaps. With Microblading alone, this involves adding many precise individual hair strokes throughout the brows, giving your eyebrows a complete makeover.

What does this treatment involve?

  1. The treatment will start with a full brow consultation devised by Asha, this will include face symmetry and brow mapping (As per all brow appointments with Brow & Beauty)
  2. Time for Lamination- This is where your eyebrow hairs are combed & manipulated into position using a perming solution, in order to show your brow hairs at their absolute best. This also allows Asha to see any gaps which are visible for Microblading.
  3. Eyebrow Tint is applied to enhance and define the colour of your brows.
  4. You will then return 3 days later to attend the Microblading part of the treatment, where a few individual brush strokes will fill in any areas of the brows providing further definition and structure.
  5. 'Voila' Enjoy your brow reveal and follow home aftercare tips to keep them soft and conditioned.
  6. Lamination top up will be required in 8 weeks to keep the brows lifted and feathery!

Which Treatment will work best for me personally- Microblading, Lamination or the Build Your Brows?

The answer will be unique to you of course & the kind of finished result you are trying to achieve!

There are many reasons why all these treatments could work for you, however, not everyone will want to commit to a full Microblading process.

If it is just the full, lifted brows you are wanting, with the added benefits of tinting, then Lamination will be your hero, it will show off your brows at their best. As modelled here perfectly by the lovely Sarah :)

The 'Build Your Brows' treatment will be best for those wanting all the great benefits of lamination + extra subtle hair strokes for added definition. Another plus side with this treatment, is that you can go on to having a full microlading treatment in the future, if desired. So it's a good way to get a feel for which one will suit you best in the longer term.  Please remember that Asha will always help advise you to determine the best route forward for your own personal brow journey.

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Happy Browsing!

Love Polly X


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