All Eyes On You

March 9th, 2023

Our approach to beauty is ever changing, and one of the 'trends' we are seeing decrease in demand for, is the era of impossibly big eyelashes, whether that be falsies, or eyelash extensions.  Now there is more emphasis on adopting a more natural, paired down aesthetic in both beauty and skincare, which translates to lashes too. I myself am relieved, as I relive the countless times in my 20's trying to hold steady with the falsies, eyelash glue and tweezers, only to feel them sliding around my eye later on, usually when in mid conversation with someone (Please tell me that wasn't just me?!). Thankfully nowadays its all about low key, achievable methods as we look to show off our eyelashes at their own best. It's more about embracing the lashes we have, and growing our own (More on that below) 

So how can our lashes look their best - by adopting the more minimalistic approach you wonder?

Well, lets start thinking about simple ways to achieve the look we desire, whether that be more visible, lifted eyelashes, or more healthy, volumised lashes, which don't require extensive salon treatments in order to achieve thicker, longer lashes. The good thing is, all these things can addressed with the right tools and approach. If you simply want lift, curl and colour, then you would be amazed the difference a lash lift and tint can make. If you already have long fluttery lashes of your own, then this treatment will work wonders for you showing them at their best.  Alternatively if you long to have more defined, lifted and visible lashes, then this treatment can be a wonderful treat to give them more volume and tint.  The fact that you can also skip mascara and eyelash curlers (should you wish) for 6 weeks is definitely a plus point, in my opinion.


Just in the same way that face serums are a big deal right now, this is also moving over into the realm of eyelashes .  We now aspire to achieve the fluttery length at home, with minimal effort where possible, and this product plays perfectly into that desire.

When Asha brings a new product into the studio to share with clients, then you know this is because it's a product she cares passionately about. The UKLash Serum is exactly that! - an exciting growth serum which promises to grow your lashes using kinder ingredients, such as vitamins, strengthening exracts and peptides. A results driven formula, giving you visible results between 8-12 weeks. Lets face it, what isn't to love about the idea of having longer, healthier, more nourished eyelashes which can be achieved at home, using just one stroke application on each eye daily?

      Benefits include:

  • Award Winning
  • Quick & easy to apply at home
  • Clinically proven, delivering real results
  • Vegan friendly
  • Cruelty free
  • Paraben free (kind to your eyes)
  • Oil-free
  • Safe for use with lash extensions & for contact lens wearers
  • Longer, fuller looking lashes in just 5 weeks

Quick tips to maximise your own lashes at home & in between appointments:

  • Tightlining is a great, quick way to make your eyelashes appear thicker, choose an eyeliner gel or pencil, focusing mainly inbetween the upper lashline, as opposed to applying a thick layer of eyeliner, which won't look as natural.
  • Avoid makeup remover wipes! Not only are they bad for the enviroment, they're not much better for your skin. Instead try using a gentle eye makeup remover or micellar cleansing water, applied on to cotton wool pads, and if you have time sit back & relax while you let the pads go to work. This is my favourite way to remove eye makeup as it doesn't mean me pulling or rubbing at my lashes to remove mascara. This also feels pampering for an evening ritual :)
  • Use an eyelash growth serum to promote your own healthy set of lashes, to look their best. We stock UKLash Serum, available in the studio for £38 (with NO shipping fees) Please contact Asha direct to purchase one.
  • Treat yourself to a Lash Lift & Tint treatment, once in a while for added lift and volume. You can book directly with The Brow & Beauty Studio, by clicking the link

Love Polly x


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